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News From ME
The internet home of Mark Evanier, TV and comics creator and pop culture critic and historian without peer. Visit once and you'll be hooked. Ken Levine
Sitcom writer Ken Levine's irresistible blog is a must-visit destination for current and prospective TV writers, people who love classic TV comedy, and pretty much anyone else who values pop culture at its best.

Sitcoms Online
A great sitcom resource: message boards, episode guides and lots of links to other great sites.

Jump the shark: Chronicling the Exact Moments When TV Shows Go Downhill
Provides an unorthodox but nonetheless intriguing critical approach to appraising some classic (and not so classic) old TV shows.

Tim's TV Showcase A cornucopia of fun facts and pictures from all corners of Televisionland.

The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club Official Web Site An eye-popping site devoted to one of TV's greatest half-hour comedies.

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